Mums – How To Lose Weight and Get Fit From Home!

Today I have a guest post from the very lovely Polly Hale, Director of The Fit Mum Formula. Polly tells us about her business and how she can help stay at home mums with young children to get back in shape and get fit from the comfort of their own homes.


As a mother (and I know most of you reading this are mothers) do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day – and of those available, spending it on yourself is at the bottom of the priority list for even basic things like sleep, let alone exercise?!

Yeah I get that. I’ve got two girls, now 3 and 6 years old, and I was very lucky to be able to stay home with both of them, and even today nursery accounts for a mere 6 hours a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But as an ex-dancer, now personal trainer and nutritionist, and as someone who has always been fairly fit, like you I was suddenly facing a life where everything is for everyone else, and dealing with a post-baby belly, backache from all the lifting and carrying, and exhaustion from lack of sleep was to be tackled ‘another day’.

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Us Mums – we don’t have time (or childcare) to go to the gym or group classes or go for long runs every day. We realistically can’t make separate meals for ourselves when we’re already cooking for the family (which often involves more than one meal in itself), we are tired and tend to reach for foods that give us an instant energy lift (but ultimately make the problem worse) like biscuits, toast, and even seemingly ‘healthy’ cereal bars.

So when I met my ex-cofounder and business partner Angela at a local business Mums’ networking group (babies in car chairs in tow), our passion for all things health and fitness was instantly apparent, and between us we determined to create a solution to Mums’ problems with getting in shape and back to their old self.

The Solution Mums Are Asking For

With both finding it hard to fit exercise into our lives and little time to plan laborious meals we decided there was a need for a method for Mums to get their pre-baby body back with a technique that required minimum time and effort.

A system that targets the body’s own metabolism fits these criteria since it delivers maximum results in a very short space of time. As you will learn while following The Fit Mum Formula programme, Metabolic Conditioning does just that –it conditions metabolism to be more efficient at burning calories and fat even when resting. High Intensity Interval Training requires you to push yourself hard, but because of this you get amazing results even with just three half hour sessions a week, so can fit into nap times, or even before the school run!

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The food aspect is my favourite part – I love food and creating recipes! But I also want to feel good, have loads of energy, and fit into my clothes! It means I get to be creative in the kitchen, finding alternative snacks, devising tasty recipes that fit the criteria for contributing to health rather than being empty calories. My low sugar, healthy protein carrot cake I made for my birthday last year was a particular success (and everyone gobbled it up as fast as any ‘traditional’ version)!

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Recently a whole section on beauty & skincare was added too – I’m also a qualified beauty therapist and worked in a 5 star spa before kids – a bit of pampering can really lift the spirits and doesn’t take nearly as much time as you think.

But the most invaluable feature for my members is the Private Members’ Facebook Group, where you can chat to other members, ask me questions, get feedback, reach out for support and share your pride as you make progress. That accountability isn’t found in a magazine plan!

Make your diet & exercise work for YOU – Not the other way round!

The information is delivered in a way that revolves around family life, so all the videos, meal plans, cookbook, shopping lists, food and drink guides, and educational resources are online so you can access them 24/7, whenever it suits you. The educational aspect is particularly important. I didn’t want to just dictate a cookie cutter plan for women to follow – there’s plenty of those in magazines but they’re not flexible to be able to fit into your own life, which makes them unrealistic to stick to. I want to empower women to learn lifelong tools and skills to stay healthy, feel and look great, long term without having to rearrange their entire life to achieve it.

To get you started on the right track to health, weightloss, and having more energy my Quickstart Fatloss Guide is completely FREE and can be downloaded at

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As a special offer to readers here you can get your first month at a reduced price of £9.99 (normally £17 monthly) – simply email your receipt quoting where you read this blog and the difference will be refunded.

For more information on how I can help YOU get your Body Back please visit or contact

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